FAQ's for Corporates

Yes. We have Employee Wellness Programs that can be tailored to the specific needs of your company.
  • Your employees and their dependents get 24/7 access to highly qualified doctors for consultations via Web queries, Email, Voice/Video and Chat messenger.
  • Unlimited consults with no per consult fees to the Employee or for the company.
  • Door step and discounted medicines delivery, home sample collections for pathology lab tests.
  • All/most companies offer Health Insurance benefits, Annual Health checkups and also health camps etc where doctors may come in once in a while to conduct education sessions and/or consultations with employees.
  • We DO NOT offer any of the above. What we are offering complements the above services that every employer offers today with a very powerful program that offers them on-demand access to doctors whenever they need them via Video consultations or other means.
First of all – congratulations! You have shown already that you are a progressive thinking employer who has gone above and beyond what most other employer’s do in engaging an onsite doctor. But, our program goes much above and beyond what an onsite doctor program can enable, in the following ways:
  • Onsite doctor practices cannot staff multiple specialists unless it is a single campus with several tens of thousands of employees. So, the practice is typically limited to just a single MBBS doctor. For Specialist visits, the employee’s still need to seek outside help.
  • Many such programs have the Doctor coming in only for a certain number of hours on certain days of the week. Even if you have the doctor 9 AM – 5 PM everyday in your campus, this does not enable the employee to get after hours access to them. Nor does this allow the Employee’s family members to access the benefit as well. Also, your traveling employee’s will not be able to access help as well.
  • Having an in-person physician at the campus is definitely a good thing. But, for the above reasons, we would still strongly encourage you to complement this program with our EClinic offering to provide full coverage to your Employee’s and their family.
No! We do not offer listings/search functions at all. We don’t do appointment bookings for in-person visits either. Our focus is on getting immediate (on-demand) consultation for the employee or their family members as and when they need any sort of medical advise through Video (or other channels) consults.
EAP programs typically focus on just counseling services for stress related to life/employment related issues and for referral services for any adjoining healthcare issues. While we also offer access to counselors for your employee’s, that is only a small part of our overall offering. We take care of both mental health and physical health issues of your Employee’s or their family members. And, for primary care issues, we offer a full-fledged consultation and associated prescription or lab test services as well.
You can write to us, with your requirements. We will then work with you to structure and roll out the plan for your Employees.
Our service offers the benefit you normally get from subscribing to such an Emergency assistance/SoS service for medical help, but goes much farther than that. Normally SoS services will only offer high level triage advise and perhaps first aid services and may connect you to the nearest clinic or to emergency services. They cannot really offer treatment plans (prescriptions). With EClinic’s plan your employee as well as their family members have 24*7 access to doctors (including specialists) whenever and wherever they need it.
  • Employer Branding: In a sea of employer’s offering the same basic health insurance and annual health checkup programs, stepping up to offer a very differentiated and high impact (and likely to be used by every Employee) benefit will help you stand out as an Employer who truly cares about your Employee’s health and well-being.
  • Direct Benefits: Employee’s who are sick do not usually get help early on today since it is a hassle to book appointments, take time off from their busy schedules to drive to the clinic and then wait for typically a long time to see a doctor. So, they tend to postpone seeking help for any emerging health issues. Getting access to early intervention/help during an acute sickness episode will dramatically reduce downtime for most sickness episodes. This will result in improved productivity and reduced absenteeism by employee’s for health reasons. Also, this early intervention and recovery will stop the spread of these acute diseases at the workplace, thus stopping secondary effects that cascade through the organization to drop productivity substantially during acute seasonal illnesses.
  • A widely cited study done by Harvard Economists and published in HBR on the business ROI of such disease intervention/management type of wellness programs offers a solid rationale for why such a program makes sense. It effectively turns out to be no-cost program for the Employer and even better – the organization actually gets back $2.71 for every 1$ invested in such a program.
While this is your choice and we can offer such a program, we strongly encourage you to offer it with coverage for the Employee’s family/household members. This is for the following reasons:
  • Spread of acute illness episodes typically happen through family members and/or colleagues with whom one interacts with on a daily basis. The goals of the program – to improve the wellness of the employee will be significantly be benefited directly by offering this to their household/family members as well.
  • Even on the indirect benefits side – employee’s take as much time off for their own sick leave as they take time off due to health issues of their family members (or maybe just reduced productivity due to working from home and taking care of sick family members or having to take time from the work day to help take their family members to doctor appointments etc).
We offer very competitive rates and we are confident that we can create plans that suit the needs and budget of your company, whatever your size may be. Please contact us to get more information about our plans.
You can write to us, with your requirements. We will then work with you to structure and roll out the plan for your Employees.